Prepare the way of the Lord.


What are the valleys that need to be brought up and the mountains the must be laid low and the rough places that need to be smoothed to prepare a straight path for the King to come in on that we might see His glory? It is the message that John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness: Repent, change your course! Prepare your heart for the King. We will miss the glory if we diminish or call unworthy what God calls precious or we fear, adore, hold in awe anyone or anything above our God. Jesus told us the parable of the seeds and the soil not so we can judge each other’s hearts but so we can ask ourselves which we are . Is my heart so hard I am like the cement sidewalk that nothing gets through? Is this why sermons don’t touch me? Is that why I think I’ve heard it all before and so what? Or do we hear about Jesus and get excited then nothing happens– it a big nothing burger because there is no heart attachment to the Message, no root to grow. Or is the message choked out because of the distractions, mountains of worries. Jesus told Martha “Martha you worry about so many things but only one thing is needful. I am here. Give me your attention.”. And the soil that is receptive, soft and open to receive God’s truth produces a tremendous harvest. Now that’s glory!

The Apostle Paul said examine your hearts to see if you are of the faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who earnestly seek Him. There is responsibility attached to knowledge. If I know my heart is as hard as cement towards what I am hearing than I pray break my heart God about the things that break Your heart. I want to feel what You feel and see what you see. Show me what I can do. If there is no root in me to grab on to You , Jesus, than help my unbelief. Show me. I want to want but until my heart rises to meet you I chose obedience. I surrender. I give up my path. Lead me. If I am letting myself drown in my circumstances, falling apart, melting down, creating mountains out of mole hills I repent. I open my hands to receive You within it all. I extend my issues and hand them over to You. All of them. I make them all bow down to You, Jesus because only You are worthy of my attention when You are in the room. You are in the room. You are in the room. You, Jesus, are in the room. Always.


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