May your marriage be marked by continual pursuit


There is no pursuit more worthy than Christ. None. The best gift you can give your husband or wife is a heart after him.

Why? Because when Christ is your life’s pursuit, everything (everyone) else has the right context. Everything becomes an opportunity for God’s glory and an avenue for your holiness.

In marriage, this plays itself out in unique ways. For instance, every time you love your spouse when they’re unlovable, you’re living in the love given to you by Christ.

Every time you enjoy a meal together, it’s because of the good grace of God.

Every high, low, and in-between moment in marriage represents an opportunity to reflect on, remember, and rely on the unending goodness of God in Christ.

May your marriage be marked by continual pursuit: the pursuit of Jesus first, and each other second. When you do, you experience the greatest gift ever given and give your spouse the greatest gift you possibly can.

Much love,
Ryan and Selena

#fiercemarriage #31daypursuit #twoasone

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