Holy Spirit would you come and breathe upon us


Holy Spirit would you come and breathe upon us, brood over us, bless us, touch us, speak to us, connect with us, do what you do best, inspire us, energize us, empower us by your grace, by your goodness, by your own passion for each of us. Engage us with your heart. Oh God, engage us with your heart so that our heart is fixed on you in a deeper way.
Holy Spirit come, breathe on us and lead us into just a deeper place of intimacy right now. Those of us who struggle to know your presence, I ask for your indulgence Father and over this weekend. Would you just break in and touch us emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually? Would you come and heal and make whole the entirety of who we are? Those of us who are sick, who are hurt and wounded in some way, I ask for an indulgence, I ask for healing. I ask that you would come and bring healing and wholeness to us, that every sick person walks away healed and whole, that those who are grieving and in mourning may be touched and restored and healed.
Those of us lacking in self esteem and confidence can be energized to see your intentionality and have our hearts changed by it; that every one of us would leave here massively different, not just a little different but massively different, that long-standing problems will fall in this place. In Jesus’ name, ahem.
(from The Favor Series)

Graham Cooke

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