Capitol Ministries Blessed with Extraordinary Growth!


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Capitol Ministries Blessed with Extraordinary Growth!

Partner With Us To Reach More Political Leaders For Christ!

In the past year, Capitol Ministries has been blessed by God with extraordinary growth beyond our wildest imaginings in foreign nations across the globe and most notably in former Soviet Bloc countries.

The Word of God is being proclaimed aloud and boldly in capitols of foreign countries where not long ago it was whispered in the shadows.

At this moment the Gospel is being taught to the leaders of nations inside the very halls of government where laws were once enacted to silence Christians.

Only God can do that.

In the last few months discipleship Bible studies have been established to Parliamentarians in Romania; Ukraine; Fiji; Papua New Guinea; and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. A ministry is about to begin in Guatemala, and before fall, we expect work to be completed for ministries in the Central and South American nations of Peru; Ecuador; Brazil; Mexico; Uruguay; and Paraguay; as well as Riga, Latvia in Europe.

Work is current and ongoing with partners to establish discipleship Bible studies in Berlin and Bonne. We are enthusiastically pursuing an opportunity to plant a ministry in the European Union Parliament, a body of 600 Parliamentarians from 26 Western and Eastern European nations who meet two weeks every month in Brussels, Belgium and one week every month in Strasbourg, France.

We thought the Lord did not want us in the Middle East, but to our great surprise discussions are currently underway to establish a ministry in a Muslim majority nation in the Middle East.

One of the ways this amazing work has come about is through our Global Directors.

These men are charged with finding strong disciple-making, Bible-teacher evangelists and Christian Parliamentarians to host weekly Bible studies in their nations’ capitals. In the past year, several new men who are seasoned, well-networked, and passionate about taking the Gospel to their nations’ leaders have been named to these positions. We now have eight of the ten Global Director positions filled! These men are the reason our international growth has skyrocketed.

Additionally, we were fortunate to meet many like-minded new friends in Western Europe through a story about Capitol Ministries that was published in a German newspaper and widely distributed throughout Europe.

Our new partners suggest that the best way to fan the Capitol Ministries flame throughout European capitals is to build an exemplary ministry in the EU Parliament because those Members return home every few weeks and often seek office in their respective home countries after serving in the EU.

Imagine the synergies afforded the fulfillment of the Great Commission if there are godly, righteous leaders in countries throughout the world who embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The desire to see that hope fulfilled has propelled our work. We are called to be obedient to the fulfillment of the Great Commission and I believe such will be a part of the believer’s judgment when we stand before our Savior and Lord someday.

For the first time in Capitol Ministries’ 21-year history, we are seeing wide open doors across the world — opportunities to establish ministries in federal capitals — like never before! This is all God’s doing; we did not see this coming.

We thank you for your work alongside us to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the political arena of the world.

We ask that you join us in prayer and considering partnering with us as we pursue these new ministry opportunities to share the Gospel with the most influential people on the planet.

We reach leaders not because their souls are more precious to God, but because their influence upon the world is so great (see Acts 9:15).

Together, and with God’s blessing and guidance, this work can change the world.

In His Ministry,

Ralph Drollinger
President and Founder
Capitol Ministries

© 2018 Capitol Ministries
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