Living her authentic Image


I preface this amazing and wonderful story with the truth of who we really all are. Every single one of us have embedded within our DNA the IMAGE OF GOD. Genesis chapter 1 says God made mankind in His image. Think what that means. Think of the tremendous possibilities. Yes, this story is about a Hindu woman. What does that say to me, a Christian? What about the fantastic accomplishments in sciences and the arts of people down through the ages who are athiest, or choose lifestlyes that the Bible specifically call out as against God? The truth is we may walk away from God but we will always carry Him in us as image bearers. His Image. He is the God of ALL creation. He is the God of ALL compassion. He is the God that champions the weak and lost and hurting and outcast. He invented math and science and music and art. He is really fun and funny! He invented language and communication and loves marriage and the family and community. All this to say, the following true story is a great example of the face of God. The God of the Bible. And what is not to love about that?!

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