What are the fruit of the Spirit?


Peace is about being undisturbed, untroubled, content, composed, free from strife. All those things I have described there, they are all encounters and experiences that make us Christ-like.
Patience is the quality of being able to persevere under pressure with a good heart and mind. It’s about endurance without complaint, not easily provoked, having a calm expectation, being even-tempered, a quiet persistence in the nature of God.
Kindness is about being considerate, being thoughtful towards someone, being benevolent, compassionate, generous, loving, showing superior qualities of grace.
Goodness is about looking after someone’s welfare, acting with honor, being favorable towards someone, blessing them, lifting them up, giving them a divine advantage.
Faithfulness is about being consistent, constant, unceasing, firm in your promise, loyal, reliable, unwavering, keeping your word, being trustworthy.
Gentleness is really about having a powerful humility, being meek. You understand that meekness is not weakness, it’s strength under control, being merciful, sweet-spirited like a dove, tenderhearted, overcoming.
Self control is about being restrained, having a good frame of heart and mind, exercising discretion, believing the best about someone, being composed and disciplined and even-tempered, having a moderating influence on people and situations.
These are all the attributes that God regularly practices in His relationship with us.

– This excerpt is from Cultivating The Fruit Of The Spirit → https://tinyurl.com/ychcqoee

Graham Cooke

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