Expectation! – BRILLIANT TV


Do you have big dreams, but feel daunted by the process of achieving them? The truth is that God wants you to get your hopes up! When we’re deterred from our dreams we aren’t battling with fear… our battle is with hope! Join me and Shawn Bolz as we uncover how to let go of fear and learn to cultivate a hope that gives way to our dreams in God! Stream the Brilliant TV series, Expectation! ==> https://brillianttv.vhx.tv/products/expectation

We created this series to help you cultivate the power of expectation into a lifestyle rooted in Christ. Throughout it, you’ll learn how to allow hope to engulf your circumstances, and lead you through every journey with an open heart…FREE of debilitating fear. Discover how to elevate your expectations and allow faith to trump fear!

When we renew our hope in God, the door to achievement opens drastically! So join us as we empower ourselves to living a more brilliant life through Christ. Stream and watch Expectation!, today ==> https://brillianttv.vhx.tv/products/expectation


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