February: The Month of the Supernatural Breakthrough by Rene Picota


February: The Month of the Supernatural Breakthrough
by Rene Picota

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “The month of February is a month of the supernatural breakthrough. The limitations that have been holding you back are beginning to fall away. The invisible lids over your life have been removed for good. I am lifting you higher and higher in My glory.

“There is a fresh glory that is falling upon My church. This glory will bring with it encounters and the revelation that you have longed for. I am pouring out a fresh anointing for those who long to be used by Me says the Lord. I am releasing fresh fire in your belly. I am stirring you like never before. Get ready to manifest My Kingdom and My power. I will send you to the ends of the earth if you let Me.

“I am connecting you to the right people in this season. Many of you who have desired a spouse will run into them as you allow God to write your love story. Have faith and prepare in faith for your divine match is about to be revealed. As you prepare in the natural God will move with the supernatural. Two will become one flesh and what I put together no man shall tear apart.

“There will also be new ministry alliances God is releasing. Where you align yourself will be a direct result of what manifests in your life. This is a season to receive the prophetic and the apostolic! For the apostolic veins are opening in the Church. I am raising up apostles and prophets to equip the Body of Christ. I am raising up those who will inspire you to dream My dreams once again. You may have given up on the dream but the dream God ordained from the beginning for you to fulfill has never given up on you!

“Every curse that has caused premature deaths and poverty is now broken in Jesus’ name! Be delivered from it right now. The devil is leaving your life today! He is evicted. All the spiritual warfare you have been facing is over! It’s a new season. You won’t have to strive anymore. You won’t have to struggle anymore. My blessings are about to overtake your life and you will not lose them!”

There is a lady who is reading this who can’t have children. God is opening up your womb right now in Jesus name!

Even around the 22nd of February, there will be a shift that you will feel. You are transitioning out of bondage, lack, poverty, sickness, and pain into the abundance that Christ has prepared in advance for those who love Him.

“Judgments and settlements will be in your favor. I am releasing supernatural finances. Expect deposits, credits, miracle money in your coat pockets, contracts, and special treatment! My financial glory is being released and it is tied to your divine assignment! Millions of dollars that have been held up are loosed right now in Jesus’ name! Everything you lost you will be getting it back! You will recover everything says the Lord for I watch over My Word and make sure it comes to pass.”

In His love,
Rene Picota
Kingdom Bliss Ministries

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