It’s Time To Dance. Jennifer Eivaz


It’s Time To Dance
Jennifer Eivaz

Then David danced before the Lord with all his might; and David was wearing a linen ephod. –(2 Sam. 6:14)

Last night I had a dream. In the dream, a man by the name of Dan, was speaking to me. Dan, in the dream, is a worship instructor in real life and the setting of the dream was in a classroom. He was wearing the colors of the Israel flag, but I noticed his leg was in a cast. Despite his broken leg, he was standing and walking around just fine. He looked straight at me and then pointed his right index finger towards me. He said with authority, “It’s time to dance.”

There is a lot to ponder in this dream, but this is what I believe is the main part.

When King David received his full kingship over Israel, he laid down his kingly dignity and danced with all of his might. Not only did he dance undignified, but then he fed a meal to each person in Israel – a loaf of bread, a piece of meat, and a cake of raisins (2 Sam. 6:19). Feeding an entire nation had never been done before and holds special significance.

The late Ruth Ward Heflin, international preacher and prophetic intercessor, wrote in her book “Glory” that she had been challenged by the Lord to dance before Him. She loved to praise, worship, and pray exuberantly, but dancing? The Holy Spirit instructed her that this was an act of prophetic intercession. If she would dance, then He would open the doors for her to spiritually feed the nations.

And so she danced. And so will I. I danced today in prayer because I, too, will spiritually feed the nations.

How about you?

I heard this for you today: “IT’S TIME TO DANCE. What was broken is becoming healed. You are in recovery season. You are in the process of restoration. What I restore, I restore better than before. Not only can you walk and stand on what was broken, but now you can dance before Me too. It’s a dance that pleases Me. It’s a dance for justice! And it’s the dance that opens the doors to the nations.”

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