I Am Placing Supernatural Watermarks on My People Daneen Bottler



Recently as I woke one morning, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Watermarks”. So I lay in bed for a moment pondering this word. I said it out loud, “Watermarks”. As I said the word, the Holy Spirit began to give me a picture of a cashier at a store holding up a one hundred dollar bill to the light to check for the watermark that declared its authenticity—the mark that distinguished it from a counterfeit. As I watched this scene play out, the Lord then began to speak to me:

“I am placing a supernatural watermark on My people. I am placing on every heart that belongs to Me, a unique signature of My presence. I am marking them with My radiant oil and the fire of My Holy Spirit, which cannot be put out. As they walk in the light, their ‘watermark’ will declare their authenticity, it will shout out loud that they belong to Me, and as they release My glory in the earth and demonstrate My Kingdom, they will become a living testimony of Me.

“The oil of My Spirit upon them will be like a currency of favor. It will gain My sons and daughters access into the darkest of places to release My glory. It will be sought after for healing, kings will come from afar to search for it. The oil of My Spirit will become a ‘precious commodity’ and the only place it will be found is in My people. The world will begin to turn to you, My sons and daughters, as they see you burn with My fire; for the oil of My Spirit is the fuel to revival and awakening.

“The time has come for the counterfeit powers to be exposed and rejected. The time has come for the power of My Spirit to be demonstrated through My people on a whole new level. There is no contest as to which Kingdom is greater, there is no denying that I am the Lord God Almighty, the King of kings and Lord of lords; for the counterfeit powers will bow and kneel before Me.

“I AM the I AM. There is no other! I Am marking and anointing My people with the oil of My Spirit and My fire. Those that have surrendered to Me fully will become a sign and a wonder to the world as they bring freedom to the captives, break open the prison doors and break the chains of death and the oppressor. Blind eyes opened, deaf ears unstopped, the dead raised, cities, regions and nations saved, families restored, economies turned around, famine broken, droughts over, and weather patterns changed; this is the wake left behind as My people demonstrate My power and release the knowledge of My glory in the earth.”

Daneen Bottler

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