I am Delivering Live Coals” by Charles Phillips



I have been ministering for 30 years and I have witnessed and been a part of some amazing, miraculous manifestations of God’s sovereign power; but never in my years have I seen a greater opportunity and outcry for true revival than what I have witnessed in this time.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me 3 weeks ago and said: “I am delivering live coals from the altar to those who are hungry for greater realms of glory”. Isaiah 6:6 tells us that a seraphim (fiery one) grabbed a “live coal” from the altar with tongs, carried it in his hands and touched the mouth of Isaiah, causing his iniquity to be taken away and purged from his sin. This illustration is what is occurring today among those who have come closer and dared to be undone in the manifest glory of the Lord.

“Fiery Angels are Released”

For some time I have sensed an increased activity of angels all around me. I believe these are angels that have been in the absolute presence of the Lord and they are burning hot with God’s glory and authority. I sense these are angels of presence and fire and I believe they are attracted to the fire of God burning in us.

The other day I started through a green light to turn on Hwy 71 and I felt a rush by my head and a voice that said, “WAIT!” I was startled and hit my brakes in time for a Semi to blow past me running the red light. After the moment had passed I began to release prophetic decrees of peace, safety and life into the atmosphere instead of the voice of fear or anger. I knew I had encountered one of these fiery angels. I have a strong sense these fiery angels are eager to be involved in our lives and I believe it’s because they are attracted to the burning presence of God living inside of us.

“Our Words Will Become Pavement To Walk On”

Not only do we have angels around us, but I believe they are also carrying “live coals” from the altar in Heaven and placing them upon the lips of men and women who are hungry for not just a revival, but a manifest habitation of the Lord in the earth. The Hebrew word for “live coal” is ritspah and it means PAVEMENT.

These angels of presence are placing hot pavement in our mouths to be formed in the earth. As a result, I believe this will give us a greater authority to issue decrees in this season and see them established in the earth, becoming pavement for not only ourselves, but those who come after us.

Live coals are being placed upon our lips and they will change our professions and cause our speech to enforce the Kingdom will of God in the earth. As I was writing this, the Lord spoke to me and said: “Many will change the way they communicate in this season. They will become aware of the power of their words and come out of depression, fear, sickness and despair. They will become aware of these live coals and create a new way out of the traps and delays the enemy has created for them. They will themselves become fiery and feel the pavement form as they speak.” When we receive these live coals they will create pathways for generations to walk on!

“We Will See A Greater Holiness Form”

We know that God is holy and He is attracted to holiness. 1 Peter 1:16 says, “Be ye Holy; for I am Holy”. I love this root word for Holy- hagos- (Awful thing) and not in a bad way! LOL. Sacred, morally blameless, ceremonially consecrated. This will not be as we have seen it in the past.

I believe these encounters with the angels of fire carrying live coals will create a holiness so pure, that we will become a terror to demonic realms. We will be an “Awful thing” to the kingdom of darkness and will be able to create new, fresh avenues for others to come out of darkness into His glorious light.

I believe we will all be touched with live coals that create a holiness that is forged straight from the altar of Heaven and not from the thoughts of man. These live coals from Heaven will create of change of thoughts and release pathways of victory for you and your generations.

Charles Phillips

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