He plucked my feet from the net!


My eyes are ever toward the Lord, for He will pluck my feet out of the net.
Psalm 25:15 AMP

I daily no, every moment, need my Faithful God to pluck my feet out of the net. Out of the net of pride when I easily get my feelings hurt and am tempted to thoughts of self righteousness or self pity. Out of the net of fear when I find I’ve blown it and worry about the consequences. It’s easy to panic when I’ve lost my key or my purse. But my God has everything covered. I remember when Ken and I had just flown into John Wayne airport from our trip to Cape Cod. Shortly after exiting the plane I moved to the side to readjust my load before moving on. After we got past the secured area I realized I didn’t have my purse. I couldn’t go back looking for it because my air ticket was in my purse. So Ken and I went to the security guard. I prayed. Normally I would be welling up in panic about this time but God covered me in His peace and I knew, whatever happened, I would be all right. When we told the guard what I lost she said I needed to cancel all my credit cards immediately. Likely I’ve seen the last of my purse. Ken, still having his ticket, was allowed back to search, but she had no confidence he’d find anything. The guard looked at me as if I was crazy or had 2 heads because I was so layed back about this. So Ken looked and I sat back and prayed and before too long an announcement from the loud speaker come on saying a purse was found. Not mine. But Ken found it at the ticket counter shortly thereafter. Someone turned it in. Hooray! He plucked my feet out of the net! 😆

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