Under Duress by insanitybites22


A bit comical, in my recent attempts to share the good news I have thrice bumped into the comment, “perhaps when I am dying and under duress I will seek the Lord.”

Comical because my first though is not an evangelical one at all, my first thought is, how in the world did you ever manage to live this long and not at some point be feeling as if you were dying inside and under major duress? Seriously now, I am filled with envy, desperate to find this easy street where one can just go skipping through life whistling to the wind.

Than I remember not everyone is as melodramatic as I, nor as passionate, nor as prone to say things like, “I am dying inside, dying I tell you.” Not everyone runs about lamenting, “it just kills me” or melodramatically proclaiming Job’s words, “though he slay me, yet will I trust in him!” Not everyone sings from the bottom of a pit day after day, so there is that to consider.

Just the same, I must whisper some urgent words here, don’t wait until you are actually dying inside, don’t wait to be on death’s door before you answer that knock. Time is of the essence and time is running out on us all. “I shall confess the Lord’s name under duress on my death-bed, when all other options have run their course?” While having a certain appealing flavor of Lady Macbeth about it, it is still a really bad idea.

Must everyone be such a literalist these days? I mean honestly, one need not actually be “dying inside,” to begin a relationship with the Lord. In fact, I strongly urge you not to wait. Who wants to fall in love…….on their death-bed? I mean, it is better than nothing, but still, the regret, the lost time, the 20 of 30 years you could have spent building a relationship with Jesus, getting to know your Creator, being loved, cared for, known and seen?

I will fall in love….later. Oh what a luscious looking pot roast, I can hardly wait to dig in….about six months from now. This looks marvelous, absolutely delightful, good news indeed….I think I’ll just put it away until some day down the road when I am under more duress.

I mean, why go to the dentist now when you can just delay, allow the infection to set in, give the tooth the proper time it needs to really become a crisis. Perhaps I’ll go later, when I am actually dying inside, under duress, having little or no choice….

My kids used to say, are you going to make me? Make you what, eat your cheesecake? Heck no, if you don’t want it, just slide it this way.

Seriously, don’t wait. Don’t save the good stuff for last. Everyday is a special occasion. Life is short, eternity is a bit longer.


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