every promise is a doorway


I absolutely adore the promises of God because every promise is a doorway, it’s a key, it’s an entry point into a space that God wants you to occupy. It’s the promise, not the circumstances, that becomes the critical place of our fixed and focused anticipation. For me, a promise acts like a magnifying glass. When you look at your circumstances through the promise, you magnify who God is for you.

(from Radical Permission 2: The Ascended Lifestyle)

Graham Cooke

2 thoughts on “every promise is a doorway

    • Well said Anne. James 1:5 is a treasure of reassurance. God invites us to bring our confusion to Him and He promises wisdom without begrudging us for asking. He says He will guide us in all truth if we ask. Lovely song! Heartfelt. Thank you for sharing Anne! God fill you yet more and more in all knowledge and wisdom as you grow to reach the measure of the stature and fullness of Christ in God. I pray for unity in the Body of Christ that we might be one even as Christ is one with the Father and the Spirit.

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