THE PRIVILEGE Lessons From The Heart of A Shepherd essential , by Kay Smith


The following words, out from the heart of Kay Smith, have become such an encouragement and inspiration for me that I am passing what I’ve gleaned, so far, on to you. Enjoy!

THE PRIVILEGE Lessons From The Heart of A Shepherd essential , by Kay Smith, Chuck Smith’s wife, the late Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food
Job 23:12

3 questions from God to Kay Smith as she struggled with his doing things without considering her needs:
1. Is this eternally important?
2 Do you want to do my will or yours?
3. Is it more important than your relationship with Chuck?

This lesson in submission isn’t one we learn overnight. It’s a lesson we have to learn again and again. God will allow things to come up to show you where you’re still trying to rule.

If we want to be the daughters of Sarah then we must adorn ourselves with a gentle spirit, not with contentiousness. These are beautiful things to the Lord and an influence to our husbands.

Make it your goal to be your husbands closest friend. You need to support him in the decisions he makes and not contend over those things.

I have read when God changed Sarah ‘ s name from Sarai to Sarah, it was done to indicate a change in her character. I have also read that Sarai means “contentious” while Sarah means “princess”. You know what made the difference? God took the i out of her name and put the last two letters of Jehovah into her name.

Does the truth of eternity–and of arriving there with sheaves in your arms, the fruit of the life you’ve lived here on earth–motivate you to serve Him all the more fervently while you wait for that day?

If we are not motivated by love for Jesus
and a desire to serve Him, our people will suffer. [I Don’t want to] squander the privilege [I’ve been given]. Meditate on that, and let it be a governing influence in your life. Will you leave the fragrance of Christ behind–or the scent of the flesh?

I really believe in eternity, maybe thousands of years after the event, God will remind us of something we did and how much it meant to Him. God is blessed by your willingness to walk in love toward others as you set your own plans aside.

[God] is definitely with us, and He does go before us, but He doesn’t necessarily smooth out every rough place. That’s because the disappointment is going to do more than the smoothing out would. Those rough patches teach us to be steadfast.

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