America is On the Operating Table Under God’s Hand



I sense the Lord saying, “Be patient with your nation and remember I am not a Republican or Democrat, I AM that I AM. I AM working on a whole nation and everyone is a work in process. Don’t judge, for I AM not finished working on anyone. I am working in the Fox News Room, CNN News Room and all the other News networks and radio, TV outlets, and media. I’m going for the heart of this nation or it will surely die, unless I complete surgery on it’s heart.

“Stop grumbling and complaining. It can delay and even cancel this Kairos moment as your nation is on My operating table. Speak life and become love to every person. Embrace your opposition and enemies so they will experience My arms of love surrounding them. Protest the devil, not people.

“What appears to be chaos and gross darkness to you, are the instruments I pick up in My hands and use to give new hearts to nations. Nothing is being wasted in the hands of your Redeemer. Your heart is also included in this surgery. Trust Me and tell your heart to beat again!”

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Bill Yount


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