Releasing A Mighty Sound! by Dana Jarvis


Releasing A Mighty Sound!
by Dana Jarvis

Right now I want to release a mighty sound. A sound that decrees victory. A sound that shouts for new life to spring up again. A sound that shifts! A sound that reaches the ears of the Almighty and activates all of Heaven on our behalf. An anointed sound, a fiery sound, a sound that is crying out for God to invade every area of our lives right now in Jesus’ name.

Right now I speak to your valley experience and command a spiritual regeneration. Though your despair is scattered like dry bones in a cemetery, you shall rise up restored! The graves that have tried to hold your promises that you believed to be dead, shall turn loose your promises by the power of this sound. I speak to the four winds to breathe upon you, Mighty Warrior. The dry areas are seeing life again!

I send out this mighty sound to eradicate every mass weapon of the enemy. We stand together and shut the enemy’s mouth. We silence his voice and sever his lifeline as David did with Goliath. Every evil plot and insidious plan is vetoed right now in the courts of Heaven! They are null and void!

Oh Lord let the heavens pour out your glory! Send forth new rains of seasonal harvest to supply every need. We call forth resources from the North, South, East and West!

As we release this mighty sound that activates Heaven and shakes Hell, I pray a release of fresh anointing, Father, upon each one. An anointing like that of Daniel where we shall magnetize individuals that will gird up our vision. They will make deposits into our visions. A anointing like that of John the Baptist, a trailblazing Kingdom builder. A anointing like that of Joseph to raise up leaders. Let these flow uncontaminated and unhindered!

As the apple of your eyes, we dwell in the secret place of the Most High. We send forth this mighty sound from deep within. The deep is calling to the deep! The deep parts of us are crying out and releasing this Heavenly sound. We are binding the powers and principalities of darkness and as we send this sound forth, let it flow throughout all of Heaven and Earth and the prayers which we direct and target in a determined direction shall not miss!

In Jesus’ name, I release the mighty sound! Our course is set as we walk through days ahead of restoration, special Revelations, supernatural splendor and supply!

Dana Jarvis
Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry

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