The defining difference between a baby and an adult is self control.


The defining difference between a baby and an adult self control. Babies, therefore, are wrapped in diapers. Scriptures tell us to control our thoughts because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And actions spring forth from attitudes and beliefs. Satan would have us point our fingers with resentment and bewilderment at God when life does not go in our favor. Questioning God’s motives is Satan’s favorite tool to drive a wedge between us and God.

The cry for instant gratification is another defining character trait of children. Its a trait that caused God to say I love Jacob but I hate Esau. Jacob knew his true riches would be the inheritance and the blessing from his father…all the promises of God to his grandfather passed on to him. All Esau could think was that those promises would be worth spit to a dead man and unless he got fed NOW he might as well be dead.

Lord keep my heart sweet and tender toward You within all my circumstances. May I take heart knowing Your plan and purposes will not be thwarted no matter how bad things look. Your will is to bring me a future and a hope and my inheritance is eternal and delightful and
reserved in heaven for me. Sweet.

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