Seven reasons you should forgive your enemy


Thinking about why I should not avoid someone who has wounded me and walked away from our friendship. First of all God has deep affection and investment in growing that person into the character of His love. Secondly that person is in bondage, imprisoned by barriers of their making: anger, fear, bitterness, resentments, pride. There can be no rest without surrender and trust. In other words, they are in a world of hurt and need rescuing. Fourth, when the Lord places that person on my heart to pray for them I know He is working miracles of warfare and transformation in my heart and in the heart of that one who offended me because He said when we ask anything according to His will He hears and answers us. Fifth, whatever is not of faith is sin. If I begin praying and investing my time and heart in rescuing this one who offended me and choose to avoid and continue to replay the tape of offense in my mind than I am refusing to believe God is at work and miracles are happening. Six, God calls us up into the ministry of reconciliation and redemption. He loved us and pursued us while we still had our backs turned to Him. He initiated love and as His ambassadors we can do no less. And Finally, seven, resisting the pride of our flesh and surrendering ourselves to love is our only way out of our self made prisons too! This is Kingdom theology and a major beat down to the kingdom of darkness! Jesus said when Satan came around he found nothing to gain traction and a hold of Him. Jesus came only to do the will of His Father. This was His bread. This was His deepest joy and passion. This was His fulfillment. To do the will of Him who sent Him. When the flesh cries out “No! They can’t treat me like that!”, when Satan lurks near to replay the betrayal tape in your head shut it down! Remember who you are, who you belong to and your prime objective: to do the will of Him who sent you, to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free–even if it’s you!

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