Graham Cooke: rest is a weapon


It is impossible to rest while all the time you are fearful, panic-driven, full of anxiety or worry. Rest comes to displace any negative that may be trying to infiltrate your life because rest is a weapon, and you need to see it as a weapon.  Rest is a sword in your hand and you can put to death anxiety, lack of peace, unrest, worry, fear, and so on and so forth. What does that look like to see rest as a sword?  It means you can cut away from your circumstance anything that you don’t need to affect you wrongly.  
(from The Practice Of Rest)


3 thoughts on “Graham Cooke: rest is a weapon

  1. Lovely! Rest really is a weapon. Kind of funny,I just listened to a pastor say naps are an important part of the Christian walk. If you don’t have time for a nap, you’ve over-scheduled yourself. Often God does His best work while we are at rest and not our mucking things up.

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