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I’m so glad to have our daughter in my life!  She is so tuned against anything that smacks of the S(hould) word.😁.  We have just received another panicky prayer request from the very one we have been praying for since we first met many years ago.  All of her requests are broadly shouted out as a beached whale gasping for it’s last breath and the religious, self righteous, condemning, disgusted voice raged up within me : AFTER ALL YOUR MIRACULOUS ANSWERS TO PRAYER WHY ARE YOU NOT GETTING IT?!?!?  DO YOU THINK GOD WILL HEAR YOU MORE IF YOU PANIC, RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES AND GATHER A CROWD AROUND YOU TO SCREAM UP TO HEAVEN WITH YOU?!!!😑. Then I got the image of Jesus cutting in to this reverie and discovered myself on a dance floor and Jesus saying “Can I have this dance?”. Me: “But I don’t know how to dance.  I’ll step on your feet.  I’ll squash your toes.  I’m not dressed, my breath smells, I’m a mess.”. Then He, smiling, said “Let me lead.”. Then I realized as Jesus lead, my feet never touched the floor.  I was not  awkward.  I didn’t represent a burden or an embarrassment to Him.  I am loved, treasured, complete in the arms of Jesus.  And so is my friend.  So I have begun to pray that she would see that too, in a dance.  In the arms of Jesus.  Always beautiful.  Always protected.

 There is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

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