6 thoughts on “God is calling your mind to pay attention and learn to be compatible with His thoughts towards you.

  1. All week I’ve been struggling with a question, “What is God’s grace?” I have always believed it was undeserved favor…….Listening to Mind of a Saint part 3-“Captives and Prisoners”. Graham Cooke hitting me right where I need it. 😊 Thoughts on grace?

    • Since Jesus grew in grace, as Graham pointed out, it cannot be undeserved favor. Rather grace is tasting the goodness of God. God is love. In Christ God is totally pleased with me therefore I am the object of His good pleasure to pour out His favor and kindness into my life. God’s generousity is the natural outflowing if who He is. Love. In Christ He sees me as His adorable daughter. He is always delighted with me and eager to bless me, protect me, equip me, train me for battle, empower me to break strongholds release the captives, receive justice over my enemy.

      • I so agree! We need a ❤️ button! 👍👌🤗😉❤️

        I’m so glad you saw the reason in this. Last night at our small group we saw I am a friend of God. Somehow in my mind I have it hard to raise myself above the level of God’s charity case and that song just unraveled me. Tears were streaming down my face as I thought how He treasures my friendship. I think my experience in the Church is we never move past the cross into living resurrection. We live lives of pennance reminding ourselves of our unworthiness and accepting the words of our accuser that divides us from true friendship and rest in our relationship with God.

      • When I think of the word “peace” I always, always immediately picture myself in my garden. All of the garden analogies in the Word ring so true. It is a very rewarding journey to keep seeking true peace in our lives. Changing my mindset from sinner to Friend of God is a spectacular idea, isn’t it?

      • I so LOVE it! This is the true door to His secret garden of rest and peace from seeking approval and self effort. Ahhhhh. Now this is a true upgrade!😉🤗😊👌👍💕

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