6 thoughts on “Casting Crowns – ‘Just Be Held’ – Christian Music Video

    • Sorry you couldn’t hear ‘Just be held’. The words come up on the screen with the song. If you get u tube I’m sure you can find it there too.

      Thanks for asking. My husband , Ken, and I fellowship at the Vineyard Church at Anaheim. We co-lead a small group also on Wednesday nights. When we first walked in, almost 4 years ago, we were struck by the open hearted, kind and humble demeanor of those attending and the pastor. There is a culture of healing and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We are encouraged to come down to receive prayer at the end of almost every service or just to turn to those around us for prayer. Ken and I are also part of the prayer ministry and, besides praying and laying hands on those who come forward, we reach out to receive prayers for ourselves as well.

      Thank you for your blessings and prayers. I have been praying for you as well: To the God who keeps you from falling and presents you faultless before the Throne of Grace, that your heart will always rest in His delight to be in your presence. Since He is love and has defined the love He desires of us, then be assured He loves YOU with all His heart and mind and soul and strength!😉😁🤗😊❤️❤️❤️. You are amazing, dear, the arrow in His quiver destined to devistate the enemy and set the captives free! May you expand your territory for the Kingdom of God and display His love and splendor as He raises you up to be His face of Grace and truth wherever He leads you.

  1. Hi Jan! I just have a suggestion! 🙂
    If the site you’re redirecting to has an “Embed Link”, you could Embed the video directly into your blog! So people could actually watch the video from your blog!
    I personally love this song a lot!
    God Bless! – Cathie

    • That’s a great idea Cathie! I will find out how to do that. I’ve always admired when others do more with their blogs like inserting fun video clips so it’s time I expand my tech savvy. Thanks for the nudge!😉🤓😁🤗👏❤️

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