Gone fishing



Our grandson Levi, turns 4 Saturday we bought him his first fishing pole and tackle box but I wanted to give him more so I downloaded images of little boys fishing and this is my work in progress.

I used a 1×4 block of wood and painted with oil and acrylics to suit my color palette.  I loved the story it tells and I know this gift won’t be lost or broken or lose its charm.  Can’t go wrong, right?

Well here is my completed work. I’ve learned at least 1 thing: if you need your work to dry fast don’t use oils. We need to ship our presents to Colorado and this absolutely must be dry before packing. 😦 O well, our precious lamb will still get it but not when I had hoped.


4 thoughts on “Gone fishing

  1. Keith Wells

    Love it Jan. It will be such a special gift from you and one he will treasure as the memories of his fishing experiences will grow.

    • That’s how I look at it. With all my heart to his with hopes and confidence this gift will bind us ever closer with each new birthday.

      Thanks for your sweet comments! They are always welcome!♡♡♡

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