Painting: practice





This started as a project in mix media (acrylic, pastel, pencils) that went wrong then I basically painted over in oil.

The bottom is the inspiration that hangs on our entry wall.

Next up first attempt.

And the top painting, after messing that up, I have ended here.

I know I am my worst critic but for all I am lacking I am just glad for the time I can practice and try different things. Press on.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Painting: practice

  1. Jan, they are very, very good! Really! What you are attempting is very difficult and look at the finished result! Amazing. I love your colour palette, the moody, atmospheric background and the polished perfection of the fruits. I always have to tell my self when I paint ( which was about a hundred years ago) that it is what you leave out that is as important as what you put in. And also, the nature is not perfect.
    I really can see how you are finding your own style…it’s exciting, isn’t it?
    Karen x

  2. Thank you Karen. Your observations are very thoughtful. It’s true what you leave out is as important as what you leave in. I never thought of that before. I chose this subject not because I love it or its me but because it has a classic feel and I want to try my hand at everything before I paint myself into a corner so to speak. I really am just developing in skills but I am excited to now have more time to practice and see where it leads me.

    It’s so good to hear from you Karen. I would LOVE to see your paintings! You do ALL things well so I’m sure they will delight and inspire me.

    How are things going with your neighbor you have been reaching out to? People are complicated but God finds us so worth the trouble and the more I fall in love with Jesus the more I tend to agree.

    God bless you Karen! Much love!
    Jan ♡♡♡

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