Absolute calm






A slight breeze, but a whisper, a soft caress, a cooling hand.
The Infinite. Present and Eternal. There is no need to speak. No chaos or turbulence boiling and churning for You are here. My Breath. My All Sufficient One. Outside of time yet all things consist and hold together by Your decree. There is nothing hidden from You. All things are laid bare before Your eyes. There is nothing hidden that will not be exposed. You know the motives and intents of the heart. You know my heart. To do Your will, O Lord, is my bread. Speak for Your servant is listening.

5 thoughts on “Absolute calm

  1. i am sure you feel the prescence of god on the shores of your beautiful lake. wow and the peace u have there must be deafining at times huh? how fer is the walmarts superstore i have to travel over 45 miles to git to society around c’here.
    May you have a wonderful holiday season and make jesus the reason . amen
    In his mighty name,
    General BT hope

  2. Just read your recent comment on beautybeyondbones’s blog, and had to check out the blog of another soul blessed to know the transforming love of Christ! I praise God for you and your testimony to His astounding grace for all who will receive and believe! May the Lord continue to bless you, a beautiful conduit of this gospel. ❤️

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