Not even a glitch: life in paradise





What do you think when you’re far away?
Do you pray to God for just one more day?
Do you feel the breeze while closing your eyes
Feeling blessed for each moment in paradise?
If only, if only it could always be so
Then joy through your heart would always flow.
You’d say in all times this life is rich
No problems,ย  no worries, not even a glitch.
Well God brings the bliss and that’s for sure
He brings the bliss and some manure.
He brings a shovel to clear the stall
And lots of flies that dot the walls
Then rain and hay and extra hands
That ease the work and make you glad
Yes glad you find in work or play
When finding God in every day.
Knowing Him through pain and tears.
Knowing Him in all your fears.
Knowing He knows, yes knows it all
That He’ll pick you up whenever you fall.
Yes, be glad when there’s nothing you lack.
But gladder still when God’s got your back.

8 thoughts on “Not even a glitch: life in paradise

  1. Keith and Barb Wells

    Hi Jan…Always a joy to read your posts and see your pictures. Great words in your poem; so thoughtful and right where life is for each one of us. It was great to see you and Ken this morning. We need to set up at time to connect with you. We are going to Arrowhead for your event and some friends have a cabin that we are staying at so we are going up on Thursday, August 6th. Have a wonderful week. Love to both and hugs!!!!

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