To everything there is a season


Are you in the middle of changes and you can’t wait to get to the other side?

It seems renovation is an endless process.  There is so much take down and demolition that has to take place even before starting.   Everything has a time and a purpose.   It’s back breaking, heartbreaking, mind boggling,  overwhelming work.  Thank God  we have a wise builder,  my husband,  who sees the big picture and plans for each next phase of this project.   For me I just want it over so there can be no more dust, working shower and tub, a functioning kitchen, time to get on a with life!

God looks at the big picture too.  He says,  He has plans, amazing and glorious plans for our lives that are good and acceptable and perfect.   These are plans to bless us not curse us.  Plans to restore the years that were robbed from us.   When we were wounded He will heal.  When we were abandoned He vows to never leave but provide a constant Comforter and Guide.  When we were dead He calls LIVE!  Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me shall never die the second death.  He said “Come to me all you who are weary with heavy burdens and I will give you rest.  Take My harness on you for I am humble and gentle of heart and you will find rest for your souls.”  It’s when we hook up with Jesus we can begin the transformation.   He views us, as the One who redeemed us from the curse of the law by paying our debt, as totally cool.   He freed us from the systems that require our time,  commitment,  passion, devotion with strings but cannot enable or secure our future with love and purpose.  He has provided His Word,  the Bible, as the method for straightening our thoughts and attitudes.  When we accept God’s Redemption plan through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus,  for our life, Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit.   Without the Holy Spirit the truths of God are undeciferable, reading the Bible just doesn’t make sense.  All Scripture from the Bible, is God breathed, and God uses it to build His values into us, show us when we are wrong or off base, how to get us back on track, and to equip us completely for every good work.   The Holy Spirit Is our Mentor.   He uses the Bible,  our circumstances,  and other Christians to inspire to change and become who we long to be: free from fear, envy, violence, confusion,  anxiety, worry.  As we press into Jesus and wait on the guidance of  the Holy Spirit we slowly shed those hang ups and values that keep us from true freedom,  from real rest of heart and mind.  We become whole.   This is a neverendng process this side of heaven. Until God says “it is finished!” we  will always be a work in progress. 


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