Morning glory in the evening


My neighbor’s wall is a cascade of morning glories.  The name is so perfect for this flower.  It’s color is royalty and beyond words in beauty and 






From the Master’s hand a work of art.  It did not make itself.  It stands a silent message of worship and contentment.   “Don’t worship me for  I’m like you, a reflection of the One whose heart and hand and breath has inspired the sum.  We all reflect in part the majesty and wisdom of our great  God. 

2 thoughts on “Morning glory in the evening

  1. Hi, it’s 7.00 am and I’ve just woken up. Before leaving for the office (and before my morning coffee) I stopped in front of the computer and what did I see? Those wonderful flowers, morning glory, you posted! They are so beautiful and made my awakening so sweet. Grazie!

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