Spring! Praise to the Giver of life!


In Jesus we live and breathe and move and have our being.  In Him all things have been made and hold together and without Him nothing exists that was made. 



He is the exact image of the invisible God. Jesus,  You are the penultimate Artisan.   You made everything to contain Your music and dance for the joy of being.  When Moses asked what You called Yourself You said I AM.  For every need You fill.  You are  Water to our thirsty,  Light to our dark,  Bread to our hunger,  Life to our death,  Hope to our despair.  You are  Father to the orphan.  Home to the homeless, Friend to the lonely,  Strength to the weak.




You speak into every season and we welcome YOU into our Spring.  We say thank you as You welcome us into Your Spring!


2 thoughts on “Spring! Praise to the Giver of life!

  1. Keith and Barb Wells

    Thanks for the lift in our busy day. Loved the pictures and the blessings of reading the words you shared. See you at church tomorrow.

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