The rose speaks of God


And God made the rose








And behold it was very good.   God said it was very good.   On the third day He made the rose.  

Why do we often think God is a killjoy?  It certainly is not the message we receive from His creation.  Jesus said He came to bring us life.   Life filled to the brim and overflowing with joy. 

When man chose the path of disobedience a curse of death and decay and separation from His life came upon mankind and all of creation.  But Christ came to redeem us from the curse of breaking God’s law by becoming a curse for us.

Easter is almost here.   It is in remembrance of God’s ultimate swap meet.  In Jesus dying on the cross for our sin He said  I swap my righteousness for your sin.  I give you my life for your death.   I give you my love and acceptance from the Father for your alienation,  isolation,  judgement and death. 

Why did the angels announce to the shepherds at Christ’s birth they came to announce GOOD NEWS that everyone should hear?  The good news was that God’s plan to save mankind had finally arrived in Jesus!

God is not a killjoy.   He came to restore joy.  The rose tells us that what God made is very good.  And, in fact, He has very good taste.   He made you and has given up all He has to restore your relationship with Him.  All you have to say is “Yes!”

Blessings from the rose!

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