Play me: A song of praise to our God



In the morning I say play me Lord Jesus.  Make your song rise among the nations.  A song of compassion and hope and redemption and protection and justice and knowledge and rage against the users and abusers and liars and thieves and murderers.  You, O God, sees all and knows all and records all for a day of reckoning.   You who saves each tear in Your bottle and numbers each hair on our head and have created the worlds and everything in them for the joy and protection of Your people having pursued us in our wanderings and redeemed us from the curse are worthy of endless thanks and praise.  Yes, play me. Pull my strings.  Strum and pick and fill my heart and mind and eyes, hands and feet with Your praises and purpose.  May the lost see THE WAY.  May the thirsty drink the FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATER.   May the orphan know adoption as sons and daughters of the KING.  May the poor know they are rich.    Play the song of the set free.  Play the dance of the conqueror.  May Your song fill up the hopeless and give strength to the shy.  Sing your song of intersession and authority and Kingdom come!!!


And at the end of the day we will sing of Your love and faithfulness.   To God be the glory great things He has done!

6 thoughts on “Play me: A song of praise to our God

  1. Janet Bilinski

    Thanks for sharing, Jan. You’ve always had such insight and tenderness for the holiness of God. We give Him praise! This is beautiful! As are you!

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