Meet Santa Bob. God’s answer to one man’s bucket list




Bob is one amazing and grateful guy.  Over the past couple of years he beat the odds of surviving a major heart attack.  He gives all the credit to Jesus for his remarkable recovery.   Today he is the picture of health and vitality.   And the only thing on his bucket list was to be Santa Claus.   Bob said he prayed for God to give him a Santa job and not only did God get him hired to work as a Santa Claus He provided Bob  Santa  work for a year round resort nearby that is just in the making. This resort sits on 200 acres of forest land and will be called The Zip Line At Santa’s Village.
There will be two separate campgrounds,  a trout pond for fishing,  a zip line,  rides, an artisan village where  visitors can learn crafts and leather working, and, of course, Santa’s Village.   Bob will be Santa in every season and help out in the leather working venue.

By July the resort will be open and hosting the Special Olympics. 
Bob is so rejoicing at God’s tremendous answer to prayer.   Bob said his dad had a hand made cross he passed down to him and he plans to wear it  under his beard on his furry Santa Suit lapel.  When children reach up and find it he will explain how God loves us so very much.

God bless you Santa Bob!

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