Change: Its about THE DANCE


He cradles us and delights in our trust.  He sings over us songs of deliverance and friendship and the dance.  He invites us to invite others into the dance that will never end but reflects His sufficiency in each new stanza.  Our partners may change faces but it is really Him in each refrain.  But must we change?  I am happiest with THIS SONG!  I know this one best but I feel the change is at the door and it feels like death not new beginnings.  Am I allowed to grieve?  Must I celebrate?  Must I dance?  “Yes, my beloved, dance!”  You smile as only you can, a smile that comes from a broken heart that carries our griefs and bares our sorrow to free us to love and receive love without borders.  “Yes, DANCE!” You laugh, “But let Me lead!”




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