Red, blue, gold, brown: Ahhhhh Fall!


P1220365 (2)

Sing!  Dance!  Laugh and prance for Fall has kissed the trees with color!  It matters not that they won’t last in fact that is the charm.  To show and go then disappear creates an inner balm that fills the soul with promise sweet that one day more will come and then again will rise the show that brings on so much fun!

P1220367 (2)

P1220368 (2)

P1220369 (2)




P1220323 (2)


P1220320 (2)

P1220354 (2)

P1220352 (2)


2 thoughts on “Red, blue, gold, brown: Ahhhhh Fall!

  1. Deb G

    Jan- you make my soul smile!! Thank you for sharing these photos, and your poem!! God has truly gifted you to bring joy to others!!


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