A morning of splendor: A Psalm of Praise to our God


My morning walk started dark and cloudy


Then as the sun rose the clouds and everything became washed in hues of gold and red and pink blessing the day with radiant songs of God’s immense care and wisdom and kindness.

Like a powerful warrior our Mighty God exhilarates in His triumphal display over His enemies.  Is anything too hard for our God?  To ask is to know the very thought is ludicrous.  He clothes Himself in light and darkness runs from His presence.







I hear Your song Dear Warrior!  My soul delights in Your power over darkness.  You are the giver of light and warmth and hope for You inhabit the praises of your people and have stooped down to lift up the weak and small to accomplish the impossible.  A-men.  Let all the earth stand silent before you.  Let all the earth shout praises to the Victor!  Let all the earth weep for Your music is too glorious to contain and Your beauty is inexpressible and calls for words that cannot be uttered for there are none yet invented that can adequately contain Your glory and Your worth.  But You have compassion on us for we are dust and yet you call us precious.  You wipe our tears and call us to joy.  You call us to sit and dine at your banquet table.  You surprise us with joy!

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