What inspires you? How about the Code of the West? How about Art?


I visited the museum and firehouse in Franktown, Colorado, with my daughter and her children.  The first thing that caught my eye was the Code of the West hanging in the entry just inside the front door.  I thought it worth passing on.


The firemen at the station became the glue to transform a motto into a real hero.  These guys totally threw themselves into sharing their tools and adventures with our little band.


I can’t help but think the Code of the West tugs at each of our hearts.  It sets the bar high for honor and faithfulness and endurance and giving promises and commitments that require personal sacrifice and a hero’s heart.  Don’t we want to be all that?  Don’t we want to see the ones we love most to have the heart of a lion that will risk heaven and hell for our safety?  That’s what Jesus did for us.  And that is the bar my grandfather aspired to when he fell in love with my grandmother.  Here I share with you his heart in a precious letter he wrote to his beloved O so many years ago.  Enjoy and be inspired!

art's love letter to esther

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