Art in stages part 2: Toddler in crib


I had a delightful morning painting beside my fellow artist at her home.  She was working on an abstract oil depicting a fetus at 12 weeks to celebrate her daughter’s first pregnancy.  I should have taken a snap of it to share because I know I’ve peaked your curiosity but I think I’ve convinced her to start her own wordpress blog site so she can show you herself.  It is truly amazing.  Anyway, here is second installment of my toddler in the crib.  So far this is all done with colored pencils.  The frame with 2 pictures shows the original inspiration on the right with my progress on the left.  The frame with one is a close up of my latest.  Can you see progress?



5 thoughts on “Art in stages part 2: Toddler in crib

  1. ajourneywithmypen

    I do see your progress. It’s remarkable actually! All thumbs-up for keeping that passion burning, likewise, for encouraging your friend. All thumbs up! Aina

    • Thank you so much for your comment Aina! Sometimes, as I strain and fumble to learn, progress seems slow and tedious. Like the snail or tortous. I Gues that’s why God made slow creatures to be an example of perseverence. lol. With that occasional atta boy I might finish this baby yet! !-*

      • ajourneywithmypen

        Progress is still progress, no matter how slow. I’m proud of you, and you should too. = ) cheers to your passion! = )

  2. You are absolutely right! I am acting ungratefully to whine about slow progress. I have so much to thank God for and you are so right: progress is progress! Thank you for your words of wisdom! “-]

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