Everywhere a flag: July 4th on Lake Arrowhead USA


A grateful nation.  Freedom is never free.  It is hard won and must be ever guarded.  In Deuteronomy in the Old Testament, God said remember where you came from.  Remember my promises.  Remember how I rescued you from slavery.  Remember.  Remember and teach your children.  Tell them in songs.  Write it on your walls.  Don’t ever forget because if you do your children will never know and who will be there to tell their children.  When you forget your hard fought battles it will seem unimportant and what you gained you will lose.








6 thoughts on “Everywhere a flag: July 4th on Lake Arrowhead USA

  1. Thank you! I raise my champagne and toast with you for many more years of health and compassion for all. May we ever be strong to defend the weak and generous to enable the brave to realize their dreams. God bless!

  2. Powerful words with a message we should always remember. I also so enjoyed the photos Jan; the sparkling water, the flags and the clarity of the light. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks Karen! Tonight the lake association promises the best fireworks display ever from the middle of the lake accompanied by anthems and patriotic music choreographed to each one from a local radio station. Lots of boats go out to get under it while spectators line the shore. The oos and ahs and shouts and claps make us feel like one big family. During the day the have a barge go round the lake with a live band and vintage world war 2 planes make several others low passes. Its really a spectacular day.

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