There are those days:who says the dentist isn’t fun?



Yikes!  Honestly I was a good sport but in my mind I had to fight off a panic attack.  I salivate like a saint bernard and my jaws were never meant to open that wide.  With all that, I feel like I can’t swallow enough and am near drowning on my back with both of the dentist’s hands in my mouth.  Top that off with a nerve that refuses to numb despite repeated shots and you have a drilling torture chamber.  His final words were “Just hang in there.  I’ll be done soon.”   This nighmare took 2 hours and 20 minutes of my precious time off.  Boohoo!  Sigh.   But on the bright side, because I knew I was going to be a hot mess I minimized the misery by telling the dentist I needed a bite block to rest my jaws and I wanted to hold the suction so I wouldnt feel like I was drowning.  This is what they brought out: an “isolight” that comes with a silicone bite guard so I can swallow, a flange that shields the back of my mouth from the shrapnel when he drills, built in suction and a light.  I was not in dental heaven but it was a definite upgrade from hell to purgatory.

4 thoughts on “There are those days:who says the dentist isn’t fun?

  1. It truly was awful but I encouage you to share with you dentist and hygenist those barriers and things you struggle with. They might have some tricks up their sleeves that couldmight help but, if nothing else, it will help them to be more sensitive and watchful for signs that you are struggling and try to help. I pray this will be a better time for you!

  2. Jan, I felt guilty clicking ‘like’ for this-it looks like torture and it went on for so long. I hope that the treatment is over now? And you don’t have to suffer any more.

  3. You are so kind. It really was hard and now that the anesthetic is worn off both the upper and lower jaw hurt the last two days but today I’m good. Thank God! Now may we all have better tomorrows! Thanks so much for pouring your compassion over me. You are a breath of fresh air!

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