More treasures from the trail


Today we went for a long run.  Tuesday Ken outran me and I thought I outran myself.  My run/walk was an amazing 6 miles.  After Ken said our next run would be 10 miles.  My reaction way “No way!”  But I relented with “I’ll see how I do.”  Well Ken exceeded his goal: 11.5 miles!  And I hung in there for 10.2 miles!!!!  Wooohoo!!!  Yes I am sore.  Walking hurts.  But the best of the bike trail sights were yet to come and because I kept going I got to be there to share them with you.  I think you will say: “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”   :-]







3 thoughts on “More treasures from the trail

    • Thanks Jill! It is a great joy of discovery to share it with others. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I appreciate you taking your time to drop in and reflect.

  1. Congratulations Jan! You must be so proud that you have come so far with your challenging exercise regime. And the photos, those beautiful photos! This is where you ran/walked to?
    It really feels and looks like paradise. So serene, so idyllic. Just heavenly.

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