Sunset fun at Lake Tahoe Marina


My husband and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this week at Lake Tahoe, California!   In this, and the next several postings I will share the wonderful sights and fun things we did.  We are so blessed by this opportunity and the many new people and sights we have encountered.  Praise God for the gift of sight and good health to enjoy the wonders of Creation and the celebration of the sweet gift of journeying through life with my faithful, loving, fun and adorable husband!

I caught this cute couple running toward the water.  It looks like they are dancing in front on the rock climbing pillar.


This sweet little girl was exploring just ahead of the watchful eye of her daddy.  He was from Germany and the little girl’s mom from Russia so he plans to teach her 3 languages: German, Russian and English since their relocation to California.


I caught this couple smooching in the sunset.  Nice!  Ah romance!


The marina has tons of toys for water play.  Here is a seadoo on it’s way out for a romp


Now if you have a strong heart and a need to get it racing here is one suggestion.  This boy was doing his best to impress the crowd.  It got my heart racing!


5 thoughts on “Sunset fun at Lake Tahoe Marina

  1. Oh many, many congratulations on reaching such a special anniversary! A Ruby celebration is such a landmark! What a great way to mark the event by making a special trip and new memories.

  2. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    40 years together is a fantastic thing which shows you both have extensive knowledge in life matters. I wish you all the best!

    • I think marriage is like a 3 legged race. You know in this race your inside legs are tied together at the ankles. Until you get uour rhythm together there is a lot of stumbling and chafing. We had a good foundation which really helps. We both love Jesus so we had a higher call to answer to. But our economic background and philosophy on spending money was, and still is, a source for conflict.

      • Also, he was more dominant while I was passive which, accordind to our first daughte, was co-dependennt. I began, after 35years, of burying resentments to pray to God to make me whole. Then the Lord had our daughter, her husbandin and soon to be 3our children move in with us for a year. This was like the nes classroom in how to have a happy marriage. Kristin saw Ken asking me to do things for him and me I’d jump. She said “Dad, don’t you know how to make uour own coffee?”I know sounds silly but that began the journey to owning my own feelings and allowing me to seek an equal partnership with my husband

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