Intoducing my family by Christian


This is my sister Nyla. She is 8 months old.
This my Nana. She was standing in the kitchen making dinner.
This is Christian. I am the guest blogger. I am 8 years old. I just had a birthday. My mom cut my hair. I really wanted my hair like that.
This is my Boppa. He is living with us and my Nana.
This is my daddy and my 3 sisters and me. Nyla was not very happy. She did not like being in a picture.
This is my mom and she just got glasses. My mom and dad are trying to pretend they are kissing.

5 thoughts on “Intoducing my family by Christian

  1. What a great post Christian! You have a great family. Have you noticed that Nyla’s eyes are just like your Nana’s? Maybe you could ask your Nana to let us see a photo of her when she was as small as Nyla, to see if they really do look the same.
    Bye for now,

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