Part 2 of A new work in progress


We are in constant unfinished remodel at my home.  I have utterly lost my art space and, looking not to discourage my wonderful and do it yourself husband I try not to complain.  This morning I felt the itch to create and pulled out an art book, paper and pastels.   After getting started I remembered why I don’t do pastels. Pastels are tempermental.  Have to have paper with tooth to grip the chalky color.   Very messy.  I was excited to just have started but I’m not sure I will finish with pastel.  We’ll see.  As you might have noticed comparing my inspiration with my painting I’ve taken the color another direction.  I’m not sure if that stays either.  We’ll see .e



Well I thought I’d makeover the pastel because it is so messy and much too green so I painted over it in oil.

Now I’ m not loving try #2. The more I compare it to my inspiration the less true it is to the original. Its darker, stormier, too vivid. My first impulse is to give up and scrap it. I really am a perfectionist. I am impatient and easily distracted so it takes the wind out of my sails when I see there is no quick fix. I guess this is a metaphor for my life. I won’t ever improve beyond beginner/ intermediate if I don’t draw the line in the sand and wrestle with it until I really learn what I need to know. Sigh.

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