Bless the Lord O my soul


And forget none if His benefits.


Who crowns each moment of my life with something of sweetness and love to remind me that He is good.  As the water reflects the sky and hills,  may my thoughts not become dull or weary with Your faithfulness O my God.


You have planted so many abilities and unique talents in each one of us.  All of creation speaks to your heart to bless and see us thrive where we are planted.  Give me eyes and heart to recognize and affirm the giftings I see in myself and others. 


I see flowers filled with busy bees gathering pollen to mix it up with other plants bearing flowers.  Without  this interchange where would be the fruit?  Where  would be the  honey? What is it that is helping my life accept and gain blessings and sweetness from others?  Could it be the activity of the Holy Spirit?  Yes.




You lead me beside quiet waters to restore my soul.  I am grateful for times less busy, less demanding yet I haven’t appreciated when those times have been forced on me from illness or when my abilities are no longer needed.  I have felt sad, frustrated, sidelined, useless.  I forget you are not a silent observer.  You wept at Lazarus’ funeral even though you knew all along you would be calling him back to life from his tomb.  Easter is coming.  I need to daily rise from the ashes of my disappointments.  I know because You live, Jesus, I also live.  I live.  You came to turn my chaos  onto order; my self pity into purpose.  You are my Good Shepherd.


As flowers strain to catch the sun rays and thrive when basking fully in its light, I ask for a constant infusion of Your Light in my thinking, my heart, my choices.  King David said “Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere.  My heart and soul cries out for You, the Living God.  Your words are water to my soul.”

17 thoughts on “Bless the Lord O my soul

  1. Thank YOU for sharing my heart. When I lend my voice, my hands, my heart to speak the shared longings of the Bride for the Bridegroom, knowing true worth, reality, completion is only found in union with Jesus, the Giver of Life and Hope, I am whole. He is my sanity.

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