The bridge


I love peering into a densely wooded hide–a space of seclusion and sweet damp smells. I love to imagine myself within the shelter of trees and shadows and piercing sunbeams peering out from my safe place at all passerby’s. I snap pictures of the bridge, its termite riddled beams tagged for replacement. I am delighted by the light washing the trees and illuminating the leaves and forest floor below. In the distance is a secluded patio that stands as the sole audience for this parade of glory. I am blessed to share this moment. I am grateful and joyous and excited to share my discoveries with you.wpid-2014-03-30_07-51-17_831.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-51-10_224.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-50-52_508.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-50-37_715.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-50-20_456.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-49-29_413.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-49-17_471.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-48-56_243.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-48-27_889.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-48-07_272.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-47-46_789.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-47-19_691.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-47-09_6.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-46-48_808.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-46-26_155.jpgwpid-2014-03-30_07-45-30_749.jpg

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