Life with you is like a day at the beach and a walk in the park: Praise to the Giver of every good gift!


I woke up this morning at Laguna Sea Cliff Marriott on a hill overlooking Dana Point Harbor.




My sweet best friend and husband included me as his guest at his company conference at this lovely Cape Coddish resort.  I feel so loved and pampered.

We have a third floor room with a balcony.  Nice.  The first thing I did after showering is grab
my camera and launched out on a quiet ocean shimmering adventure to discover and capture what I could.

There is an awesome park out front with grassy knolls, gorgeous pines, shady paths, peeks at the harbor, hilly neighborhoods, and flora and fauna to dazzle and make you smile.

The most riveting and awesome of discoveries was found as I entered the voluminous cathedral  of living ancient pines.  I felt hushed awe as if approaching the throne room of God. 

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