Introducing my guest blogger: Christian S.


Hi this is me, Christian. I was in school and I was wearing chapel clothes. That’s why I have them on.
This is a little bird that can go on my camera onto a person.
This is my sister Mia in the jungle.

Mia looks like a spy and this is really cool because she has cool spy glasses on.

This is my sister Sofia and she is my precious sister and I love her.

DC00007That’s a picture of my sister with her baby. She pretends that this is her baby.

I like gold and it is really cool.
I love gold.


4 thoughts on “Introducing my guest blogger: Christian S.

  1. deefitz2013

    Great pictures, Christian! It is great to make your acquaintance and to also meet your sister and your sisters Mia and Sofia! I like your photo style. I see that you catch people when they are smiling! It must mean that you have a happy heart.

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