Guilt free rest: He restores my soul




It is a gorgeous summerish Sunday afternoon in Southern California this first day in December 2013.  Our chimes are singing with the gentle caressing breezes and I am totally lacking ambition to be productive which, as it turns out,  fits in quite nicely with our pastor’s sermon this morning.  He spoke about God’s leading, sometimes in looking back we can say doubtless God led us all the way.  But,  according to the 23rd Psalm God is our GOOD SHEPHERD and He is always leading even when it doesn’ t feel like it.  Also, according to our pastor, God is ok with us experiencing pain if it serves His purposes of drawing us closer to bearing the image of His Son, Jesus.  So, what does all this have to do with my being ok with not accomplishing anything today?  I can rest guilt free because Psalm 23 says He leads me beside still waters to restore my soul.  When was the last time you relaxed so God could repair and restore your soul?

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