Art on the cheap or waste not want not.


Today it is stormy, cold, wet and windy and today, of all days I was compelled to create.  I lost my art room to support the remodeling cause so I gathered my supplies and set up camp in our gazeboimage

My canvas is a large board picked up from the wood scrap pile at Home Depot.  I discovered, much to my delight, that Home Depot sells 2 quart containers of paint for 2 bucks each.  I bought 13 in assorted colors then dropped in to the Michaels store with a 50% off coupon which I used to buy a cool Martha Stewart set of letters to decoupage.  I’ m not gifted in making up art out of my head but I can do a fair to half baked copy of what I see so I tried my hand at my favorite book by Nancy Tillman, WHEREVER YOU ARE MY LOVE WILL FIND YOU.  I stenciled words Sing Dance Rejoice because I want to blend the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then as a final touch I tried to splatter white to create the starry effect Nancy added to her book cover and to my horror I totally goofed and big runny gobs of white paint were dripping down everywhere.  O NO!!! I groaned in shocked disbelief.   Then determining not to put another ounce of energy into my masterpiece gone wrong I turned the dance under the moon into a dance in the sprinklers under the moon.  What do you think?  Is it worth saving?



2 thoughts on “Art on the cheap or waste not want not.

  1. Kez

    I LOVE IT!!…
    PS…now that you have a smart phone, you should download the Michael’s app. It has all the coupons you need. You can sometimes combo the ones on there. Or say if one is the 50% but then you have a 40% for art supplies you can use both if you are buying multiple items. Then once you use you have to wait til the following week when they refresh but its way worth not having to wait to clip from the Sunday paper and you don’t forget about it at home because you always have your phone right?

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